What’s been going on?

freshideasIt’s been a very busy time for us here at VINE RIPE DESIGN™ from t-shirt logo designs to web sites!

I’ll post separately about the launch of our new VINE RIPE CONSULTING, LLC  but it’s exciting times and we’re so lucky to be growing our expertise and capabilities with the addition of VINE RIPE SOFTWARE™.

Coming soon: Client Interviews

Thrilled to announce that this week I will start to share Vine Ripe Design client interviews.   It’s about time that I had some customer feedback on the website, but I wanted to do something that really showcased my customers.  The client interview that I’ll post this week is from a great friend and one of my longest supporters!


Friday’s inspiration: my favorite flowers

crocusTHE SOURCE:  my favorite flowers

THE INSPIRATION:  the first of the year – crocus, daffodil, iris, tulip, hyacinth

THE STORY:  There’s nothing planted in the flower garden right now, we took everything out at the end of the year, it was just overgrown, and the day lilies had seen better days.  We had a taste of Spring this week, so I took a peak and saw the daffodils had survived our purge and it just made me smile.  It reminded me how much I love the flowers of early Spring, they are most definitely my favorites.

I find the structure and colors of the plants particularly beautiful.  I’m not good at gardening and I don’t really like flowers all that much, but I do love landscape and nature, it offers endless inspiration.  Hopefully I’ll find some time to plant some more bulbs this year because they’re just so cool and are a cheerful reminder on a cold Winter day that Spring is near.

Have a great weekend!

Friday’s inspiration? Not much.

THE SOURCE:   Runny noses.


THE STORY:  I am really struggling to come up with a design inspiration this week, maybe it’s because it’s the middle of Winter, maybe it’s how sick we’ve been the last couple months, maybe it’s the amount of boogies and snot produced by my 2 year old’s nose this week.  I find myself gazing out onto the gray dreary days and thinking Spring cannot come soon enough!

This reminded me that St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, a day that everyone can claim they’re connected to the Irish in one way or another, sounds good to me!  Especially great is that there’s more green than pink around the stores these days now that Valentine’s Day is over.  Also, I find it amusing when a color is named for the year, for 2013 the color is Emerald, which I think is kind of cool, but I have no idea what that means.  I suppose it gives the creatives some inspiration, but this week’s post isn’t about emerald, so it hasn’t worked for me just yet, but the year is still young and when it does, then I will be singing it from the emerald green treetops!

A healthy Winter weekend to all!

Friday’s inspiration: I love my customers…

THE SOURCE:  I love my customers…

THE INSPIRATION:  … because they have the best projects EVER!

blogthankyous_ColorCallout_45THE STORY: so I feel the need to brag just the tiniest bit about my fabulous customers.  Some of my customers are people I have known for years, some are close friends, some are folks I’ll never have the pleasure to meet face to face because they live far away.  All I know is that I’m one lucky gal, because the variety of these projects has been incredibly refreshing and inspiring.  It’s so much fun collaborating with you all, THANK YOU!

The last 6 weeks of projects:

  • branding for two metalworking shops
  • logos for a gymnastics academy
  • a LEGO birthday invite
  • a bumble bee inspired birth announcement
  • a mother’s handmade quilt inspired birth announcement
  • a website for a professional organizer
  • a vintage concert poster birthday invite
  • an Angry Bird birthday invite

Have a great weekend!

Friday’s inspiration: Vitruvius!

10-16-2008 077THE SOURCE: Architecture


  • Vitruvius’s fundamental principles of architecture: Order, Arrangement, Eurythmy, Symmetry, Propriety and Economy.  It can apply to more than just architecture!

THE STORY: My own design work is often influenced and inspired by my deep affection for architecture. The love affair started in a middle school art class (public school).  Our first project was to build a small house out of clay, and we had to select the architectural details, and know what they were.  I was enthralled with Greek columns (doric, ionic, corinthian), parapets, flying buttresses, and even prehistoric architecture like the “beehive huts” pictured in my photo from Ireland. This is a picture of a prehistoric structure built thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids, dry-stacked stone construction, the walls are thick and sloped to keep the rain out.  When they were in use, they would have had thatched roofs and a wooden door, kind of fascinating to imagine the people behind these first homes.  As I stood in Ireland, soaked to the bone in the cold pouring down rain with water dripping off the end my nose, I could only think, no wonder they wanted a house with a roof!  (And I’m especially glad they did, because it probably became one of the first pubs too!)

04-15-2008Spain 020Gaudi swept me off my feet during another project in the same class (great teacher), when I randomly drew the building name out of a bowl that read “Casa Batlló”.  I had no idea who Gaudi was except that we’d been told he inspired the word “gaudy” and I thought that couldn’t be any good.  Seeing the building in context on an uncharacteristically cold  and rainy April afternoon in Barcelona changed my impression completely, it’s on a very bustling street, and while Gaudy’s work is clearly the most creative, it sits scrunched together with other beautiful and distinct homes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing able to travel around the world and experience where these structures live and the cultures and people that live with them has been amazing.  I’ve even been to some of the most holy structures in the world, on a trip to Jerusalem I visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and saw where Jesus is reportedly buried, and although I was initially quite skeptical, I left thinking it is entirely possible that He is resting in that tomb!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of cool projects…

So there’s lots of really cool stuff going on! It’s a busy time at Vine Ripe these days and it’s been so much fun! and i just love that i’m able to work globally and create things for people all over the world!

The last 4 weeks…

  • 2 girl birth announcements
  • 1 birthday boy invitation
  • 2 birthday girl invitations

Currently working on a website and 2 logos, I just adore the variety of the design projects, and if you have an idea that you need help with, please don’t hesitate to GET STARTED!


custom design work, available now!

i recently launched the custom design product at our etsy shop, just click Add to Cart to begin your project today!

$15 for a completely unique custom design, either 5×7 or 8×10


“new” thinking

$12 Vintage Rock n Roll - Custom Ticket Invite

$12 Vintage Rock n Roll – Custom Ticket Invite

I’m admittedly a bit of a non-conformist at heart, which I think helps fuel my creativity because I don’t love our overly merchandised world, and prefer things that are hand made, even if it is just a piece of paper with the words “i love you” written on it or “thanks”.  Even the simplest thing can be the most thoughtful and personal, and way better than a mass produced greeting card.

I wanted to throw a Rock N Roll theme birthday for my son, so I sent guests vintage style concert flyers and concert tickets as invitations.  I was also able to print extra and use them as decorations at the party!

For (completely new) custom work I price each job individually, so don’t be shy, for example: the cost of a non-folded 5×7 in. custom designed party invitation starts at only $15.  Click here to learn about our easy & fun process!

So here’s what’s bopping around in my head these days:

  • princess party invites that aren’t pink or princessy
    • (royal doesn’t have to be pink and still be fabulous and fun!)
  • aviation theme without planes
    • (thinking of action words like “soar” “explore” “up!”)
  • a theme of a single color or letter of the alphabet
    • (how adorable would this be, everything monogrammed in a favorite color!)

Contact me to GET STARTED on something a little out-of-the-box!