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The Styled Sort

It is a real pleasure working with Professional Organizer Jennifer Snodgrass, owner of The Styled Sort. I helped create the initial branding for her startup business, including all the social media images for Instagram and Facebook. Helped her setup her WordPress website. Even generated a file for her to use for a custom monogrammed shirt.

Jenn is doing amazing things with her brand, and is very active on Instagram sharing helpful organization information and lifestyle tips!


Inspiration Metalworks

One of my first freelance design opportunities was to help establish branding for Tom Zelickman’s metalworking shop!  It’s a joy as a freelance designer to work with some incredibly creative people. Tom’s shop continues to thrive.


Fit Foods with Claire

Created Claire Magenheimer’s initial branding for her meal prep business, Fit Foods with Claire.

Claire has expanded her services by leaps and bounds, to include health coaching and virtual fitness trainer.

  • Check out her website at: Fit Foods with Claire

    Custom Gifts & Products

    Designed sets of holiday note cards inspired by my pub photography collection, entitled “Eat, Drink and Be Merry.”

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    Digital Block Prints

    Converted my Hofbrauhaus photograph to vector and then simplified that image to emphasize the key elements to arrive at my final composition. Applied a fixed color palette to create a digital block print effect. Produced in various sizes this is a bold and unique statement.

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    Marvel-ous Arcade Cabinet Graphics

    A Game Room Solutions arcade cabinet kit was purchased, and I used their templates to create a custom arcade. I converted a comic book page to vector, made it black and white, and then added strategic colorized areas back to the graphics, to appear as if it were being colored by the artist.

    I worked with the templates to ensure that the arcade graphics were seamless, a single comic book page wrapping the entire cabinet. I also created an original header, control panel details, and additional wording, all within the comic book aesthetic.

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