Excited for a private local show…

getting ready for a lovely little private local event this weekend.  I’ll be there showing my work, and maybe even more fun, supporting other local vendor friends, maybe I can call them, “friendors”.  Anyways, it’s should be a nice time and I always appreciate a chance to meet new folks.


Expanding local work!

Very excited to be starting a new project to expand my local work. These new prints will be featured at Leesburg First Fridays and will be showing at a downtown gallery where they will also be available for purchase, stay tuned for all fabulous details!

Happy Spring!

Coming soon… holiday cards!

Furiously working on my 5×7 folded holiday cards.  This will also expand my product lines as well, not just prints anymore.  Can’t wait to share more, they will be sold at local events and on my etsy shop.  Stay tuned!


So excited to announce that we will soon launch an entirely new line of products.  We can’t wait to share our work, please stay tuned for more info!