On The Vine: Custom birthday party invites for Jessica’s boys

Jess_FeedbackImage1_partyInvitesA client interview from On The Vine. We created custom birthday party invitations for Jessica’s boys and now she’s dishing on her experience and the final product.  Special thanks to Jess for being our first official client interview!

Hi Jess, thanks for participating in this interview, you’re such a cool mom and a great friend!  I was so tickled when you asked me to design the invitations for your son’s 8th birthday party.

You’re too sweet!  When birthday time rolled around and I started thinking of invitation ideas, you were the first person that popped into my head to make them.  I knew whatever crazy theme my son came up with you would be able to work with and create something awesome.

My favorite part of the LEGO themed birthday party invites was thinking a little outside the box and I really thought it was so cute to have the LEGO man have a role on the invitation.

How many invite design ideas did you receive and what was it about this one that you liked?

I really had no vision or idea for what the invites should look like and my son simply said “LEGO”.  I looked around at a few ideas online…but none of them used the idea of a model Lego Man.  I liked how it wasn’t using the typical Lego itself…which is what I thought we would be going with.  The Lego Man was different, cute, and I felt represented my son, the Lego Man himself.

As you know, Vine Ripe Design sends the final design files in high resolution digital format, which allows our clients to be in complete control of the print production.

Where did you get these printed and did you run into any problems during the printing process?

I had these printed at Zazzle and had no difficulty uploading the image and having it printed.  The finished product looked great and worked out perfectly.

What did the birthday boy think of his invitations?

I believe his exact word upon seeing it was “Sweet!”  From an 8 year old, that means you nailed it!

It’s great fun to be able to contribute to these special moments and I want to thank you so much for supporting my endeavors.   Do you have any final thoughts that you’d like to pass along?

I had such a great experience working with you!  Ever since you made my son’s birth announcements I knew you were made for this career path.  I had such a great time working with you on these invites.  It was fun, easy, and you interpreted my thoughts beautifully.  You’re always so creative and tackle challenges with an upbeat gusto.  I’ve been passing your name along to as many as I can and will continue to do so!  I cannot wait to see your business grow and am super excited to do what I can do help it along!

Friday’s inspiration: I love my customers…

THE SOURCE:  I love my customers…

THE INSPIRATION:  … because they have the best projects EVER!

blogthankyous_ColorCallout_45THE STORY: so I feel the need to brag just the tiniest bit about my fabulous customers.  Some of my customers are people I have known for years, some are close friends, some are folks I’ll never have the pleasure to meet face to face because they live far away.  All I know is that I’m one lucky gal, because the variety of these projects has been incredibly refreshing and inspiring.  It’s so much fun collaborating with you all, THANK YOU!

The last 6 weeks of projects:

  • branding for two metalworking shops
  • logos for a gymnastics academy
  • a LEGO birthday invite
  • a bumble bee inspired birth announcement
  • a mother’s handmade quilt inspired birth announcement
  • a website for a professional organizer
  • a vintage concert poster birthday invite
  • an Angry Bird birthday invite

Have a great weekend!

custom design work, available now!

i recently launched the custom design product at our etsy shop, just click Add to Cart to begin your project today!

$15 for a completely unique custom design, either 5×7 or 8×10


“new” thinking

$12 Vintage Rock n Roll - Custom Ticket Invite

$12 Vintage Rock n Roll – Custom Ticket Invite

I’m admittedly a bit of a non-conformist at heart, which I think helps fuel my creativity because I don’t love our overly merchandised world, and prefer things that are hand made, even if it is just a piece of paper with the words “i love you” written on it or “thanks”.  Even the simplest thing can be the most thoughtful and personal, and way better than a mass produced greeting card.

I wanted to throw a Rock N Roll theme birthday for my son, so I sent guests vintage style concert flyers and concert tickets as invitations.  I was also able to print extra and use them as decorations at the party!

For (completely new) custom work I price each job individually, so don’t be shy, for example: the cost of a non-folded 5×7 in. custom designed party invitation starts at only $15.  Click here to learn about our easy & fun process!

So here’s what’s bopping around in my head these days:

  • princess party invites that aren’t pink or princessy
    • (royal doesn’t have to be pink and still be fabulous and fun!)
  • aviation theme without planes
    • (thinking of action words like “soar” “explore” “up!”)
  • a theme of a single color or letter of the alphabet
    • (how adorable would this be, everything monogrammed in a favorite color!)

Contact me to GET STARTED on something a little out-of-the-box!