Friday’s inspiration: my favorite flowers

crocusTHE SOURCE:  my favorite flowers

THE INSPIRATION:  the first of the year – crocus, daffodil, iris, tulip, hyacinth

THE STORY:  There’s nothing planted in the flower garden right now, we took everything out at the end of the year, it was just overgrown, and the day lilies had seen better days.  We had a taste of Spring this week, so I took a peak and saw the daffodils had survived our purge and it just made me smile.  It reminded me how much I love the flowers of early Spring, they are most definitely my favorites.

I find the structure and colors of the plants particularly beautiful.  I’m not good at gardening and I don’t really like flowers all that much, but I do love landscape and nature, it offers endless inspiration.  Hopefully I’ll find some time to plant some more bulbs this year because they’re just so cool and are a cheerful reminder on a cold Winter day that Spring is near.

Have a great weekend!

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