Friday’s inspiration? Not much.

THE SOURCE:   Runny noses.


THE STORY:  I am really struggling to come up with a design inspiration this week, maybe it’s because it’s the middle of Winter, maybe it’s how sick we’ve been the last couple months, maybe it’s the amount of boogies and snot produced by my 2 year old’s nose this week.  I find myself gazing out onto the gray dreary days and thinking Spring cannot come soon enough!

This reminded me that St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, a day that everyone can claim they’re connected to the Irish in one way or another, sounds good to me!  Especially great is that there’s more green than pink around the stores these days now that Valentine’s Day is over.  Also, I find it amusing when a color is named for the year, for 2013 the color is Emerald, which I think is kind of cool, but I have no idea what that means.  I suppose it gives the creatives some inspiration, but this week’s post isn’t about emerald, so it hasn’t worked for me just yet, but the year is still young and when it does, then I will be singing it from the emerald green treetops!

A healthy Winter weekend to all!

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