Friday’s inspiration: Vitruvius!

10-16-2008 077THE SOURCE: Architecture


  • Vitruvius’s fundamental principles of architecture: Order, Arrangement, Eurythmy, Symmetry, Propriety and Economy.  It can apply to more than just architecture!

THE STORY: My own design work is often influenced and inspired by my deep affection for architecture. The love affair started in a middle school art class (public school).  Our first project was to build a small house out of clay, and we had to select the architectural details, and know what they were.  I was enthralled with Greek columns (doric, ionic, corinthian), parapets, flying buttresses, and even prehistoric architecture like the “beehive huts” pictured in my photo from Ireland. This is a picture of a prehistoric structure built thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids, dry-stacked stone construction, the walls are thick and sloped to keep the rain out.  When they were in use, they would have had thatched roofs and a wooden door, kind of fascinating to imagine the people behind these first homes.  As I stood in Ireland, soaked to the bone in the cold pouring down rain with water dripping off the end my nose, I could only think, no wonder they wanted a house with a roof!  (And I’m especially glad they did, because it probably became one of the first pubs too!)

04-15-2008Spain 020Gaudi swept me off my feet during another project in the same class (great teacher), when I randomly drew the building name out of a bowl that read “Casa Batlló”.  I had no idea who Gaudi was except that we’d been told he inspired the word “gaudy” and I thought that couldn’t be any good.  Seeing the building in context on an uncharacteristically cold  and rainy April afternoon in Barcelona changed my impression completely, it’s on a very bustling street, and while Gaudy’s work is clearly the most creative, it sits scrunched together with other beautiful and distinct homes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing able to travel around the world and experience where these structures live and the cultures and people that live with them has been amazing.  I’ve even been to some of the most holy structures in the world, on a trip to Jerusalem I visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and saw where Jesus is reportedly buried, and although I was initially quite skeptical, I left thinking it is entirely possible that He is resting in that tomb!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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