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$12 Vintage Rock n Roll - Custom Ticket Invite

$12 Vintage Rock n Roll – Custom Ticket Invite

I’m admittedly a bit of a non-conformist at heart, which I think helps fuel my creativity because I don’t love our overly merchandised world, and prefer things that are hand made, even if it is just a piece of paper with the words “i love you” written on it or “thanks”.  Even the simplest thing can be the most thoughtful and personal, and way better than a mass produced greeting card.

I wanted to throw a Rock N Roll theme birthday for my son, so I sent guests vintage style concert flyers and concert tickets as invitations.  I was also able to print extra and use them as decorations at the party!

For (completely new) custom work I price each job individually, so don’t be shy, for example: the cost of a non-folded 5×7 in. custom designed party invitation starts at only $15.  Click here to learn about our easy & fun process!

So here’s what’s bopping around in my head these days:

  • princess party invites that aren’t pink or princessy
    • (royal doesn’t have to be pink and still be fabulous and fun!)
  • aviation theme without planes
    • (thinking of action words like “soar” “explore” “up!”)
  • a theme of a single color or letter of the alphabet
    • (how adorable would this be, everything monogrammed in a favorite color!)

Contact me to GET STARTED on something a little out-of-the-box!

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